The Clean Growth Strategy: What does it mean for businesses working with ECO?

The Clean Growth Strategy: What does it mean for businesses working with ECO?  Feature Image

This week the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) released their highly anticipated paper on how the UK plans to meet ambitious climate change reduction targets, required by the United Nation’s Paris Agreement. The paper provides some relief to the industry as it shows the UK government’s commitment to the low carbon agenda and gives the industry something to build their plans around. This strategy outlines the targets and plans for the next 10 or so years in terms of the UK plans for carbon reduction and building a cleaner economy.

The on-going commitment to home energy efficiency at the existing level of ECO until 2028 gives insulation and heating installers some comfort that funding will continue, with some detail around how various funding criteria may change going forward It sets out a target to insulate a further six to nine million properties, which if this is to achieved, hard-to-treat properties will need to be addressed. The target of this energy efficiency programme continues to focus on the fuel poor with the aim to improve as many homes to EPC band C by 2030. However, it also intends to influence private sector and social housing to follow suit.

How UK homes are heated is an essential factor in reducing carbon emissions and the strategy sets out ambitions to increase the efficiency of boilers through working with manufacturers. As the UK gas market is the biggest in the world worth approximately £2.5 - £3 billion and we have a wealth of experience through the manufacturers and installers, the UK is able to lead on this development.

The Clean Growth Strategy outlines that the adoption of alternative forms of heating are crucial in tackling new off the gas grid properties and to ensure they use low carbon systems, such as heat pumps. Reaffirming the commitment to the current Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme will help the industry create packages for the market. Investment and support will be available to help build and expand heat networks and innovation in the heating market, including the installation of heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal systems.

BEIS are also calling for information and evidence in how they can reform the Green Deal framework and streamline it in order to make a more effective “Pay as You Save” system that will be more attractive and accessible to consumers. Getting this system working effectively for both installers and the householders will be key in unlocking the energy efficiency potential in some homes.

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