National day will lead to increased interest

National day will lead to increased interest Feature Image

If you weren't aware 10th January every year has been named National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. Very appropriately this day is not far into the New Year when people may have set themselves the target of reducing their spending after an expensive Christmas period. It also comes as the weather and the dark nights are probably starting to get everyone down, but this national day gives them the opportunity to take advantage of this and make the most savings whilst their energy consumption is still at its highest.

And what else does everyone do in January but hibernate and wait for payday! 

Ideal opportunity

This focus on energy saving is an ideal opportunity for those in the industry to showcase what they can do to help households reduce their energy bills. Installers should be trying to make the most of this by making sure their account's are topped up and they are ready to receive maximum leads.  

In order to make the most of this opportunity and generate a high volume of leads, we will be promoting our own top tips on how households can save and generate energy. We will also be utilising the increased interest on social media and in the press to generate additional enquiries. As a result, we will be able to send you more leads from people whose focus is on saving money, so it may be worth gearing your pitches to match ours and lead with the money-saving angle.

How the savings can stack up

Our top tips will include both simple low-cost actions as well as promoting investment into energy saving for them to reap higher rewards:

  • Turning off appliances
  • Cooking tips
  • Bathroom habits to reduce water
  • Turning down the heating by 1 degree
  • Understanding energy through smart meters
  • Wrapping up homes through insulation and draught proofing
  • Greater control of heating through the addition of traditional controls and smart controls, such as HIVE and NEST
  • LED lighting and smart lights
  • Investing in a more efficient boiler
  • Exchanging old appliances for new ultra efficient ones
  • Generating their own energy and hot water through solar panels

This will be balanced by the savings that they can make based on the level of investment made so that it is easier to see how their actions will eventually pay for themselves.

Increased conversion

In order to assist with converting these enquiries from lead to sale, it would be great to offer customers an incentive to act now whilst their interest is still high. This could be a time-limited discount or a promotion that includes a gift.

Enquirers are more likely to be looking for deals and may be willing to shop around. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can ensure that your deal is the one they pursue.

Taking it for granted

Many of the fuel poverty charities and local authorities will also be promoting energy saving around this national day to help them to promote their cause and to assist those in fuel poverty. Often during these winter months, these organisations focus on the energy companies and any energy price rises that have come into effect, but this national day gives them an opportunity to promote a different message. Their focus will be on promoting tangible actions that households can make and not just about switching suppliers which is likely to be high on the list for most promoters of this day.

We will be utilising every opportunity to support those in fuel poverty by searching for suitable grants that will assist them to reduce energy consumption through minimal spend and increase the conversion of these enquiries.

Hand in hand

Let's make National Cut Your Energy Day a day to remember. Through working closely together we are certain that we can deliver increased volumes of leads that generate additional sales for your business. 

It's also not too late to contact us to discuss the service we are offering. We would be happy to discuss the volumes and mixture of leads we can offer, just give us a call on: 01392 348790.

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