Business Heats Up For Apprentice Boiler Firm

Business Heats Up For Apprentice Boiler Firm Feature Image


Devon based company Leadstoyou are celebrating this week after teaming up with BBC Apprentice success story Joseph Valente.

The popular national lead generation firm, which is based in Exeter, were first choice for the ambitious entrepreneur who picked up £250,000 investment cash and a partnership with well-known billionaire businessman Lord Sugar on becoming the 2015 Apprentice winner.

Valente appointed Leadstoyou on the basis of the outstanding volume and quality of leads they recently provided for his boiler installations business Impra-Gas.

Leadstoyou specialise in supplying highly quality leads to customers in a variety of sectors. Their areas of focus include boiler installation, insulation, solar panels, windows, conservatories and bi-fold doors. Currently they are generating 5000 leads a week for around 200 companies across the UK.

Leadstoyou Managing Director Justin Elliott said: “It’s great to be associated with such a personality and well-known installation company. We were delighted by Joseph Valente’s validation of our work and look forward to increasing the number of leads for him. As all of our lead prospects come to us, having searched online and found one of our websites, we’re confident that we will continue to be able to supply only the highest quality leads.  The leads we have brought to Impra-Gas during a three-month trial period have already resulted in thousands of pounds worth of additional business.”

Joseph Valente, owner of Impra-Gas confirmed they were now in business with Leadstoyou. He added: “We are really impressed with the company’s focus on high quality leads. Their input over a trial period hasn’t just led to higher volumes of sales, but also increased coverage of areas we’d never even ventured in to before.

The success of Leadstoyou, who employ 18 staff, is mainly down to the fact the company deal exclusively with inbound generated leads. This means they only forward details of individuals who are already actively searching online for a particular product or service i.e. double glazing, boiler installation etc.

Elliott explained: “We never cold call or try to persuade people that they want or need a boiler. We’ll also double qualify each lead by calling the individual who enquired online to ensure they haven’t changed their mind and are still looking for that particular product or service. This way we’re not wasting anyone’s time, least of of all our clients.

Leadstoyou insist their service provides a win-win solution for clients - by outsourcing lead generation to Leadstoyou, client’s don’t need to engage in time consuming and expensive business development, allowing individuals like Valente to get on with what they’re good at such as management and strategising.

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