Leads To You turns 8 years old today!

Leads To You turns 8 years old today! Feature Image

Today is the Leads To You Birthday, marking exactly 8 years since our Director, Justin Elliott sent our first lead from his kitchen table. We have grown a lot in the past 8 years, from Justin running the business from his home, to an office of 30 employees.

Leads To You was started by Justin in 2009 and it didn’t take long to realise there was a high demand for lead generation and Justin would need some support. Director, James Elliott (Justin’s father) joined the company in 2010, bringing his sales expertise, a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things business & marketing to the company.  

In 2011 we moved into our first office and by 2015 we bought our own office building and went from our first employee to a team of over 17. Now, in 2017 we have reached 28 employees and are rapidly expanding. We are now planning our next steps whilst on the hunt for bigger offices for our growing team.

We have made lot’s of exciting changes in the past year, including a re-brand for the company. We are currently operating in over 30 markets and are continuously researching and testing new markets to apply our expertise to.

We have now generated over 900,000 leads, helping over 700 businesses to increase their sales and grow their business. We are always working on expanding the business further and have some exciting plans for the future, we can’t wait to look back on the next 8 years!

Justin said, “The first eight years have been a rollercoaster ride. We’ve celebrated success and learned from for our failures, helping us to grow stronger along the way. Digital marketing continues to develop a rapid pace, but during the last eight years we’ve shown that we can consistently stay one-step ahead, resulting in some of the UK’s most well-known bands entrusting us with their lead generation campaigns.”

The company was started by Director, Justin Elliott from his home in 2009.IMG_0213.jpg#asset:355By 2011 we had moved into our first office.IMG_1448.jpg#asset:356Soon after bought our own office building in 2015.birthdaypic1.jpg#asset:114We quickly grew from 11 employees..group1.jpg#asset:358..To over 20 employees!snacks.jpg#asset:363And today we are celebrating our 8th Birthday!morgan.jpg#asset:359cake-snacks.jpg#asset:360cake1.jpg#asset:361directors.jpg#asset:362The past 8 years have been a whirlwind and we cant wait to see what the next 8 years has in store!

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