How an effective CRM system drives better sales performance

How an effective CRM system drives better sales performance Feature Image

The benefit of a really good CRM system is simple, it helps your sales team get organised, which enables them to sell more in less time. But that's a bit of a generalisation. In this post, we break this down into eight specific ways such a system will positively impact results.

Better lead management

Leads are valuable but will be wasted if they are not progressed efficiently. You can record what happens at every point in the sales funnel, keep notes on when to call back, what the objections are, when they were emailed further information, and so on, it minimises the risk of leads going cold and sales being lost due to inadequate management systems.

Better closing ratios

It is widely accepted that sales are only closed after about seven touches. Yet most reps give up after three. A structured plan and easy to view records minimises the likelihood of reps dropping the ball just before they get a result.

Improved productivity

A system that keeps all the information and resources in one place saves so much time. Running multiple contact management systems, from Act to Post-it notes and boxes of business cards to LinkedIn means the data is fragmented and awkward to - it is asking for trouble! What's more, it saves so much time when selling tools, such as product sheets and price lists or case studies and white papers, are all in one easily accessed asset library.

More business from existing accounts

A good CRM system gives you better visibility of your best accounts and makes it easier for you to service them effectively. Cloud based solutions will enable you to pull together customer information from multiple locations, such as finance and customer service, to build up a full picture of the relationship.

Improved accountability and performance

Each member of your sales team has their own strengths and weaknesses, one may be great at closing but weak at appointment making. An effective CRM system enables you to identify areas for improvement. You can then organise things so you play to each individual's strengths.

Better forecasting

Most of the latest CRM solutions include excellent forecasting tools. These make it easy for reps to adjust quotes in the pipeline and change delivery dates so you can accurately predict likely revenue.

Keep your team strong

The system not only enables you to improve team productivity but also enables you to develop best practice and effective sales training. The ability to identify what works best allows you to improve your process and makes it easier to get new reps productive with less delay. Also, when reps leave you can replace them easily as you still have all the information about the account - their replacement can pick up the relationship swiftly.

All the information that's needed, wherever and whenever

Cloud based CRM systems can be accessed from anywhere there is a connection - reps can get all the information they need when they are working from home, with a prospect or between appointments

You'll love the ROI

An effective CRM system is essential for business success. By giving your reps easy access to all the information they need, and by improving your ability to measure and manage their performance, you'll boost productivity, enhance accountability and make a huge positive impact on sales revenue.

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