Effective lead generation - why the traditional techniques no longer work

Effective lead generation - why the traditional techniques no longer work Feature Image

Your business offers really good products and services.

You solve common problems that nearly everyone experiences from time to time.

So why is it that you find generating good sales leads so frustratingly difficult?

It was never this hard before!


Too much information


"It has been calculated that we are confronted with between 3000 and 6000 marketing messages a day"

It has got harder.

Because almost everyone is suffering from acute information overload.

The development of computers, the internet, mobile communications and so on means that we're producing more information than ever before, and getting better at bombarding each other with it.

Consider a few facts (yes, I know, more information, but these will surprise you).

A weekday copy of The Times newspaper contains more information than the average person in England would have encountered in their entire lifetime during the 17th century!

And a report by management consultancy Pritchett & Associates, published at the start of the new millennium, states that more information has been produced in the last 30 years than during the previous 5,000.  It adds that the supply of information is doubling every 5 years (and that was 13 years ago, before the advent of social media, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like!).

Do I look like I'm interested?

Is the human brain expanding at an equivalent speed?

No - we're just getting better at screening out almost everything we see and hear.

The only way we can stay sane is to erect mental firewalls to screen out everything that doesn't instantly strike us as relevant at this precise moment.

"the traditional method of generating leads no longer works"

This means that many of the traditional method of generating leads no longer work.

Press ads, posters, mailshots, door drops, radio commercials, they all get lost in the mass of 'background noise' - people are so tuned out and switched off that they simply don't notice them.

It has been calculated that we are confronted with between 3000 and 6000 marketing messages a day, but how many do you actually remember, let alone act on?

You see why lead generation has become so difficult - people simply don't care what you have to offer and if you approach them unsolicited they actually see you as an unwelcome intrusion into their busy lives!

Think inbound, not outbound

The old ways of marketing, where you sent messages out in the hope that you'd be lucky enough to catch the attention of potential buyers, are effectively dead. Outbound Marketing, as it is now termed, has been replaced by Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing involves creating quality content about your products and services - blog posts, information sheets, white papers, videos, news stories, case studies. When potential buyers go online looking for what you have to offer the search engines take them directly to your blog or website.

Inbound marketing is not only cheaper, but it works better â the people you attract are definitely in the market to buy, right now. Plus the fact that they've found your content useful means they view you as a trusted expert, they're more likely to buy from you than from a competitor. 

It works, but:

However, there's a snag.

Producing really good content, content that gets noticed and invites people to give you their contact details, is a skill.

It's also really time consuming, because you have to keep adding fresh content every few days.

Plus you have to help people find it by using social media and Search Engine Optimisation techniques to their full potential - you'll have to get your head around everything from twitter to landing pages, Facebook to long tail keywords and auto-responders to analytics.

Buying leads is much more cost effective

The more you study this stuff the more sense it makes to hire an expert to do it on your behalf.

Inbound Marketing is an extremely effective way to generate high quality hot leads.

But it requires skills, and time, that you probably don't have.

You are much better outsourcing this activity.

Buy the quantity of leads you need and then concentrate on what you do best - converting them!

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