7 reasons why using an external lead generation provider makes sense

7 reasons why using an external lead generation provider makes sense Feature Image

7 great reasons why using an external lead generation provider makes sense

Should you generate your own leads or employ an external specialist? It's a big decision with important ramifications. But every industry and business is different, so there's no simple answer, you have to take a look at your own individual situation and weigh up the positives and negatives for yourself. Having said that, there are several very good reasons for favouring the external route. These include:

1. Additional expertise

Specialist lead generation companies live or die by the quality and quantity of the leads they provide. They have invested time and money in developing their own exclusive systems and skills. They can almost certainly reach sectors of the market that your internal teams can't.

2. Scalability

There's a limit to how many leads you can create using your own databases and resources. A dedicated external specialist can almost certainly produce leads in greater quantities and access more sectors within a particular market.

3. Keep your organisation lean

Outsourcing to specialists is generally more efficient. It means you can concentrate your core competencies without having to employ and manage extra sales and marketing staff. This can save time, effort and worry, plus it generally produces better results for less money.

4. Test without diverting sales resources

If you're launching a new product, trialling a new service or trying out a new customer segment, using external providers enables you to better assess the viability and profitability from a wider market than if you just used your own databases and resources. What's more, there's the added benefit of keeping your own resources focussed on areas that are already producing revenue - you don't want to divert them onto projects that are as yet untested.

5. Save time on qualification & administration

An external lead generation provider may be able to qualify your prospects at the point of interaction and feed that information straight into your CRM or marketing automation system. This will save time on tasks such as follow-up, scoring and data-input.

6. Guaranteed number of leads

Many external specialists have the programmes and resources to provide you with a guaranteed number of qualified sales leads from your selected target market, so you never need to worry about your sales pipeline running low.

7. Data that's clean and current

A professional and reputable lead generation provider will devote resources to the sole function of updating and cleaning their data. It's in everyone's interest to avoid contacting unresponsive or unwilling contacts, plus it's essential to have new data as people move, or drop out of the market, on a regular basis and unless you employ a big internal team it's likely that your data will be less current than that being used by the specialist.

Doing it yourself - more bother than it's worth?

When you take all these factors into consideration you can see why so many companies prefer to outsource the lead generation function. It might seem reassuring to keep it in house, but actually you may just be giving yourself a bunch of extra headaches you could well do without!

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