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The healthcare and self-improvement market has experienced a significant period of momentum over recent years thanks to the ever-improving technological developments, not to mention the reduction in costs. More and more consumers are becoming interested in health-related services from hearing aids to laser eye surgery and elective procedures. The chance for companies operating within these sectors to grow has never been more optimistic.

However, these purchases are not made frivolously; the average consumer is thought to spend upwards of 3-months researching prior any buying-decision. Although the consumer pain is often strong, it can still be deterred by specific roadblocks such as a lack of trust in the healthcare provider, the total cost, or difficulties surrounding location. As such, consumers are unlikely to respond well by being rushed into their decision. This means that a considered and saturated digital approach is required for healthcare organisations; companies need to position themselves as so to talk to the consumer when they reach that point of the process.

A healthy approach to lead generation

The healthcare lead type is one that requires a detailed qualification process for both the client and the consumer. Both groups only wish to meet once the consumer is nearing the end of their buying journey. They have searched, done their research, and are ready to make a purchase.

At Leads To You we generate thousands of leads through an interconnected network of the latest marketing techniques and SEO optimisation. We guide consumers through to our trusted digital spaces, to be double qualified by our in-house customer advisors. This progression guarantees that only sale-ready leads are passed on for conversion in real-time.

We give you everything you need to get the consumer through your door. Only then will you be able to further educate active buyers with any additional advice or information, as well as pricing. This service sees us working with our clients to maximise the ROI from their lead generation investment.

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Over the past 7 years we have perfected our lead generation process, enabling us to operate the same model across many different sectors, products and services. Clients and customers have different requirements across each sector, but one thing that never changes is the quality of our leads.

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