Why Your Lead Campaign Could Fail Without Remarketing

Why Your Lead Campaign Could Fail Without Remarketing Parallax Image

What is retargeting?

Lead generation is fundamentally all about ensuring that your message is in front of the right people at the right time. The right time is generally the point at which they are in ‘consideration mode’, researching the market and getting ready to move to purchase mode.

As lead generators, it’s our job to ensure that we connect with the customer at this moment of truth.

Knowing your funnel

For anyone looking to generate new business, Google Adwords is the obvious way to feed the top of your sales funnel. Highly targeted and completely trackable, you can attract visitors to your website who are highly motivated to buy what you are selling.

Many people set up an Adwords account, pick some generic ‘buying’ keywords (e.g. “boiler installers”, or “solar panel fitters”), and are then disappointed to see that only a small proportion actually follows through to make an enquiry.

The problem with this scenario, is that you are engaging with people relatively close to the start of their journey. While this is a good time for you to get in front of them, to be included in their shortlist of suppliers,, it is naive to think that a significant proportion of visitors will be ready to commit to a purchase (or enquiry) at this early stage.

What’s really needed is a way to stay in front of that person while they continue on their journey of discovery. One way of doing this is to try to convert visitors with a ‘softer touch’ conversion such as a newsletter signup, however many visitors are still likely to leave without converting.

This is where retargeting comes in.

The beauty of retargeting is that you can continue to expose your brand and offering to visitors after they have left your site, and without any further action being required on their part, other than visiting a page that has a remarketing pixel installed.

Ignore retargeting at your peril

The danger of not using retargeting with your digital marketing campaigns, is that you will miss out on customers who have initially connected with you at the ‘wrong’ time in their buying journey.

This means wasted clicks and budget, and can make the difference between failure and success of your campaign.

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