Why high quality leads don’t always have to be low volume

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Quality and quantity rarely combine well. No one wants a huge slice of dry, mediocre cake, but one tiny mouthful of something delicious can be just as dissatisfying. If you’re in the process of growing your business (and what business owner isn’t?), you’ll probably be wrestling with quality versus quantity on a near-daily basis, in one way or another.

The leads that matter are the most likely to turn into actual conversions, so they have to be gathered in the right way, qualified, and handled well. Not all businesses can establish leads that convert again and again, so that list of prospects needs to be refreshed and scalable too. Most businesses will try to turn a new customer into a recurring customer when possible, but a steady supply of new customers is always useful.

It’s a tall order for a lot of businesses, and we’ve been helping them solve the problem for the past 8 years.

Talking to the right people in the right place

Understanding intent is crucial when you’re gathering high quality leads, because the potential customer’s state of mind is what ultimately gets you a ‘yes’. Great sales people can influence this, but that initial motivation is so much more powerful. Our lead generation process collects people when they’re in the right space to become your customer because they’re actively looking for what you offer. Anyone can collect a long list of email addresses for people who might be interested, but it’s unlikely to lead to any worthwhile connections.

Facebook has 41 million users in the UK according to its Adverts Manager, and they can be segmented by more than just the obvious location and age, with more in-depth segmenting available, including hobbies, interests, and socioeconomic information such as income or education level. This level of detailed targeting helps us create ads that show to highly specific groups of people.

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) on Google can be adjusted and measured in even more detail. Everything from your advert wording to the chosen keyword combinations can change the audience you appear in front of and how ready to convert they’re going to be.

The gimmicks don’t work

Social media is full of competitions and Amazon vouchers to win. The power of the giveaway hasn’t necessarily waned, but brands need to be wary of how often they use them.

Offers or flimsy incentives might get that click of interest, or a ‘why not?’ email address, but they don’t secure quality leads short-term or long-term. Part of talking to the right people in the right place is being upfront about what the product or offer actually is. Not all lead generation agencies are willing to be this honest, which is why you can end up with a big long list of ‘prospects’ that never turn into leads.

Sorting the ‘maybes’ from the ‘almost theres’

Day-to-day online activity is so varied and constant that it’s easy for some of your digital marketing efforts to be quickly forgotten or never mature into sales.

Once we have a list of interested contacts, we filter out 80% of them to get to that remaining 20% of people who are almost ready to commit. That might sound drastic, but it ensures the final list maximises clients’ conversions and investments. This is why we’re confident enough to offer a 14-day returns period – we trust our clients to go through our list of leads and find genuinely interested people who are ready to buy. If not, there’s no fee because there’s nothing worthwhile for them to pay for.

Everything in real-time, because you can’t hang around

Some businesses deal with more urgency than others, and it doesn’t necessarily depend on the value of a purchase, so the quicker you can speak to a lead the better. We deliver leads to our clients in real-time through a 24/7 online portal - they’re fresh and ready to be contacted, so every phone call could be really valuable to a business.

According to a Hubspot survey, up to 50% of people will go with the company who responds first, particularly when they’re already suitably educated on the product and ready to make a decision. Real-time results could make your business the one who responds first.

Lead generation doesn’t always have to be a choice between quality and quantity. The methods we use generate enough leads to ensure qualifying those numbers is about clarification – it improves the list rather than talking anything away. Quality leads make sure our clients get a return on their investment, helping them grow year on year.


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