Why effective branding is the key to employee engagement

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Russell Beck is an industry leader in Talent Management innovation and recruitment thought leadership.  As Head of Consulting for Impellam Group plc, Russell provided Leads To You with a wealth of advice to support our re-brand, ensuring we were truly reflecting our core values to our employees and so enhancing our employee engagement.

Russell is widely acknowledged as a Talent Management leader.  Highly qualified and with an unrivalled depth of experience across industries and geographies, Russell thinks differently, challenges norms and envisages better ways of working. His ability to tune into customer's needs, to analyse the situation and build innovative solutions, has enabled him to build a highly respected position both within his business and with customers.

Russell Beck
Russell Beck, industry leader in Talent Management innovation and recruitment thought leadership

We asked Russell for his expertise on how a good employer brand can help improve employee engagement within the workplace and to support our work in this area.

“An employer brand should describe what your business is about, what you are and more importantly, what you’re not. It’s important to have a strong employer brand, so people that join you know what to expect from the workplace, they know ‘what will happen next’.”


Whether you’re running a global conglomerate empire or a tight-knit local business, there is one rule which runs true for any business owner, and that’s that good staff will make a successful business. No matter how innovative your product is, in-demand your service is, or impressive your website or shop layout may be - it’s simply not going to succeed without the right minds coming together in your team. A business is only as good as its people, but acquiring the talent is only the first step - the key to success is engaging them.

A recent study by employment analytics experts Gallup found that “companies with high employee engagement levels have 3.9 times the earnings per share when compared to those in the same industry with lower engagement levels.”

But how do you do it? How do you keep your staff happy, passionate and ready to put in the good work your company needs to succeed? The effective branding of your business can actually have a really positive impact on your employee engagement, which in turn will improve your business at every level. 

Employees need to feel like they matter

"People are motivated by different things, different motivational models. Some will be motivated by money, others by recognition, work life balance or status. Your business can’t be all things to all people, you need to find out what you are and what you’re not so that you can appeal to the right people, the people that will LOVE what you do and how you do it.”

Every employee should play a vital part in the running of your business, and they should know exactly how their piece of the puzzle fits into the bigger picture. When you understand what every individual job role contributes to your business and appreciate the importance of every staff member, your employees will in turn realise that they matter to the success of your company. Creating a strong brand for your company and helping your staff to understand their individual contribution to making it tick, will help your employees identify with your business on a personal level. Staff who feel valued, supported and appreciated will perform better, and when they do, your business will too.
With this in mind, it’s important to have a structured role for any member of staff, with a clear path of progression for every individual. Let your employees know their planned career path and how you hope for them to grow with your brand. Provide them with the relevant training, engage them within their job role and they will be committed to your brand and their business.

A good working atmosphere is essential

 “Problems arise when you don’t support your core values.  When this happens, then you are seen as paying lip service to the values you espoused, this jars, this is when there is a break in the pattern and your employees will begin to question whether you really mean it and thus question the company.”  

Whilst you want your employees to come to work and work hard, it’s imperative that they are happy in your company and motivated to drive results. Working on the chemistry within your team and the happiness of your staff whilst at work will provide your team with an excellent foundation upon which exceptional work can be built.
You want staff who are passionate about your brand and enthused by their job role, looking forward to coming in every day. To achieve this, you need to build a brand that staff are happy to work for.
Incentivise your team with rewards. Take time out for team building activities. Promote a healthy social atmosphere at your place of work. Praise your staff who have worked hard.
Here at Leads To You, we’ve seen an incredible uplift in our success as a company since investing in our working atmosphere. Monthly social events, team days out and regular pizza lunches have helped our team bond both inside and outside of the office, and consequently we’re running smoother, slicker and more efficiently than ever before. We also offer monthly recognition awards to our employees who are going above and beyond, celebrating their hard work and success. 

Embed your company culture and ethos

 “You want to have very hard edges in terms of what you’re not and you want to employ people who will love working with you. When you are building your employer brand, go niche. You can’t compete with companies like Google, so find what is unique about you and build your brand around that. This can be small things like you may offer the BEST coffee, and you mean this by having 10 flavours and mocha choco frappe (etc); you may provide an excellent work life balance which allows your employees to juggle their responsibilities, and you are so committed to this you bar all emails after 18:00, but whatever it may be this is what you can build your brand around. “ 

Some of the biggest brands in the game like Apple and Google are renowned for their company culture and brand ethos. Their branding is immediately identifiable, and their company principles are echoed throughout everything they do. Indeed, almost any of the big global brands which spring to mind have something which immediately sets themselves apart from the competition, with their company cultures instantly recognisable - even to those who don’t work for them.
This is important for businesses of any size - a strong company culture and ethos will help to build your brand, and getting your employees to buy into said culture will increase their engagement tenfold.
Identify your brand. Acknowledge your company ethos. Focus on your principles. Assess your goals. Then embed them within your staff. Make the company culture and brand principles immediately introduced to any new staff, and simultaneously embedded into everything you do. Employees who feel attached to their brand culture will be more passionate about their output, working harder and creating more success for your business.


 “It is one thing to have a core brand, it is another to prove it. Everything you do should come from your core brand and everything should re-enforce it. This should include how you treat everyone in the workplace, from the what you write in job adverts to the job description, the application process, the interviews and how you engage with them once they are in the workplace.”
Every member of staff within your team should know your brand inside out. Not only that, but they should believe in your brand, identify with your brand’s company culture and be confident in their individual responsibility and importance to your brand. Effective branding can help to improve employee engagement, which will help to increase your results. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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