The best marketing campaigns of 2017

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According to Hubspot’s 2017 ‘State of Inbound’ report, 65% of marketers cite their biggest challenge in the world of marketing as generating both leads and traffic. In the online world, planning your marketing campaigns is like a military operation. When you’re putting budget behind a campaign, you need to have a great concept, a thorough understanding of your target market and a clear goal for your outcome. It’s undeniable the power that a great marketing campaign can have for your brand, and 2017 has been an excellent year for the world of marketing. Here are 3 of the best marketing campaigns of 2017.

Heineken ‘Worlds Apart’ Advert

If Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner advert attempting to diffuse a peaceful protest with a can of Pepsi has been deemed one of the biggest marketing fails of 2017, then Heineken’s poignant and thought provoking ‘worlds apart’ advert can most certainly be dubbed one of the best. This advertisement not only promotes unity, but tackles some of society’s most prominent issues in just four minutes. The advert begins by posing the question ‘can two strangers with opposing views prove that there's more than united than divides us?', before pairing three sets of individuals who have completely opposing political and social beliefs together, tasking them with building a pair of stools.

Once the stools are built, they’re asked to sit on them and use five adjectives to describe themselves, before naming three things they have in common with their buddy. They are then presented with a video of their partner expressing their personal beliefs, which of course, is a contrast to their own. After watching the videos, they are given the opportunity to stay and discuss their beliefs over a Heineken or to leave, and every single person chose to say.

The advert is incredibly powerful but in an incredibly sensitive manner, and provokes an immediate emotional reaction. It achieved 3 million views only eight days after its launch, with over 50,000 shares in its first month and a trending hashtag #OpenYourWorld.

Nike’s #Breaking2 Campaign

Some of the best marketing campaigns are bold, daring and unapologetic. That’s exactly how we would describe the Nike #Breaking2 campaign, which was designed to sell their VaporFly elite running shoes this year. The way Nike chose to advertise these shoes? By planning an almost impossible venture - getting some elite runners to wear the VaporFly shoes whilst attempting to run a marathon in under 2 hours.

The campaign captured the attention of the globe largely because the task seemed physically impossible - though in the end, the runners missed out on their goal by a matter of seconds. Nike worked hard in the build interest, launching profiles of each of their runners and creating a comprehensive campaign detailing the different technology and conditions they would attempt to utilise in order to attempt to break the record. The run was broadcast live on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Nike’s sheer guts and determination to tackle the sub 2 hour marathon, whether they failed or not, gained their campaign over 486,000 views on YouTube, 5.2 million views on Facebook and and a serious number of tweets on the #Breaking2 hashtag.

It’s impossible to call whether or not their campaign would have had more impact had they actually achieved their goal, but the #Breaking2 hashtag is actually still in use today - largely for inspiration or a welcome dose of Monday motivation.

Ted Baker Multi-Channel & VR

If there’s one brand that continues to break the mould when it comes to marketing, it’s undeniably Ted Baker. Priding themselves in their unorthodox and contemporary spin on marketing campaigns, they continue to push boundaries and break the mould, season after season.

For the launch of their Spring/Summer collection, Ted Baker launched a multi-channel advertising campaign with activity on Instagram Stories, interactive windows in their stores and through the medium of a unique 360 shoppable film.

Ted Baker launched a new sitcom ‘Keeping Up With the Bakers’, launching daily episodes through their Instagram stories, proving to be one of the first brands to truly embrace this platform and step ahead of the marketing curve. This narrative encouraged users to keep coming back to the brand’s Instagram page, as well as offering interactive options to win prizes and engage, which is very clever marketing indeed.

They also created interactive windows in their stores, creating a GIF or an image as users place their hand on the screen and offering a share function for customers to share their Ted Baker gifs.

Arguably the most innovative offering for the SS17 campaign from Ted Baker, however, is 360 degree shoppable video. You can travel through the video and see all of the Ted Baker products in situ, with links for direct shopping from the video itself. The video also has a VR functionality, pairing with Google Cardboard to almost literally bring the video to life.

Their innovation and excitement puts them streets ahead of so many brands, and we couldn’t leave this epic campaign out of our shortlist.

These three campaigns are from totally different businesses, offering a range of different products, yet each one has succeeded to create something exciting and engaging, whilst consequently making waves in the world of marketing. We can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store!

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