Success in Sales? It’s All about Motivation

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As every good salesperson knows, the secret to real sales success is motivation. But when you’re selling day-in, day-out, maintaining that all-important drive, passion and determination to succeed can be difficult. But, by simply understanding the importance of motivation and the factors that control it, you can take steps to boost your motivation and, in turn, hit targets earlier and drive more sales.

You’re in control

Firstly, it’s important to realise that motivation is an internal process. It’s something you control, and the more you work at controlling it, the better you will become at influencing your levels of motivation. One easy way to start doing this is to review your ‘motivational status’ at several points throughout the day. Give yourself a rating out of five. By becoming more aware of when your motivation is ebbing, you can pinpoint times when you need to do something to boost motivation. You’ll also be able to see which parts of the day are best for different activities, such as identifying new markets, cold calls, closing deals and even the boring admin stuff.  

Recharge your motivational batteries

If you know you’ve got a busy day or week ahead with targets to be met, there are things you can do to recharge your motivation levels. Going to the gym, for instance, will get your endorphins going and make you feel like you’re ready to take on the world. But, simply running on the spot, smiling, telling a joke or singing in the shower can all increase your motivation levels. Find out what works for you.

Another easy way of raising your motivational levels is simply to remind yourself why you do what you do. If you’re on commission, think about that holiday you’ve been saving up, or how another sale could pay for a special meal out. Be your own sales coach. Talk to yourself and will yourself on to better each performance. Always be positive and never cynical. The more you do it, the better you’ll become and you’ll see that reflected in your sales figures.

And when you do close that deal, don’t forget to congratulate yourself and celebrate. Give yourself a treat or reward. These serve incentivise and motivate further, driving you to repeat previous successes again and again.

Aim for the stars and you’ll rise further

Be ambitious with goals and targets. If you set yourself low expectations, you won’t excel. Be realistic, but aim big and expect success. That way, you will develop, growing better with each new project. Set monthly, weekly and daily goals, tracking how well you’ve done, what you’ve achieved and how you could do better. Do difficult tasks early in the day and get them out of the way - procrastination is the enemy of motivation.

Look at the best sales people around you. Start conversations, share ‘war stories’, learn what’s makes them the best at what they do. The more time you spend with motivated people, the more it will rub off on you.

When it comes to learning, never stop developing your skills. Regularly read sales books and articles and keep developing your skills in every area that helps you sell more and sell better. There’s always something more to learn. Be enthusiastic and passionate about your art and you’ll keep getting better.

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