Could Quality Score Be The Reason Behind Your Failed Ads?

Could Quality Score Be The Reason Behind Your Failed Ads?  Parallax Image

In a digital world, your web traffic is everything. Whilst you may have the most incredible product or service, the flashiest website in the world with the most seamless user journey, sadly, unless you’re getting traffic then you simply won’t sell online. Organic traffic is the holy grail for any online business, bringing genuine users to your website without having to pay for them, however, in the complicated world of Google, securing those organic users for keywords which are relevant to your brand can be incredibly tricky.

Not only do you have to work tirelessly at your SEO to maintain a solid foundation of good organic results for keywords related to your business, but you also have to battle against Google AdWords, which are adverts placed above organic results on the Google search, bidded on by brands. The most successful online strategy is a combination of high-quality SEO and an effective pay-per-click (PPC) strategy on Google AdWords to ensure a consistent presence for your relevant keywords.

But how do you run a successful PPC campaign without paying through the teeth for your users? How do you pay for traffic whilst still ensuring a profit? The answer, is paying close attention to your quality score.

What is Quality Score?

Though there are many ways you can set up your Google AdWords, the most common way is to operate on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. Google determines your CPC and your position in the search results based on a combination of factors. The first is the amount you’re willing to bid per click, the second is the quality score of your ad.

Each advert you plan is given a quality score out of 10, and the higher your quality score the more reasonable your CPC will be. A quality score focuses on the text in your advert, the relevance of the landing page you’re sending your users to and the relevance of the advert itself with regards to your chosen keywords.

Why is Quality Score Important?

Quality score is an incredibly important metric when it comes to determining the success of your AdWords campaign. The higher your quality score, the more likely you are to have a lower CPC. This is great news for two reasons - firstly that Google deems your ad to be relevant to users, meaning it’ll be favoured and will get a great position in the search results. Secondly, if your advert is genuinely relevant to a user’s query, it will be a far more attractive proposition for customers to click on, and will hopefully result in a better conversion rate too.

Whilst getting the most traffic for our budget is a primary concern, user journey and customer experience should be number one. If a high quality score means putting content in front of customers that answers their questions, then your business is ticking all the boxes it needs to.

The Effect Quality Score Can Have on Your Campaign

As well as helping to stretch your budget further, focusing on increasing and maintaining the quality score of your AdWords ads will have many benefits to your online business. As we previously mentioned, it will create a better journey for any potential customers looking for products or services in your industry, and it will help you to get more bang for your buck.

That’s not all - however. As discussed previously, a contributing factor to quality score is the relevance of the landing page you’re sending your potential customers to when they click on your advert. Ensuring your ad text and landing page text are optimised appropriately and displaying the relevant content for the search terms you’re targeting will not only improve your click through rate on AdWords, but could also have a positive impact on your SEO too.

Focusing on your quality score forces you to think about which keywords you’re targeting towards which landing page, encourages you to regularly check the page copy ensuring that it’s relevant, and will enforce you to have the appropriate SEO-optimised headings and title tags in place, all of which could give your organic results for the same keywords a nice boost,

How to Improve Quality Score

The best way to improve your quality score is to focus on each individual keyword, and build your adverts from the ground up. Start by separating relevant keywords into AdGroups, so that your adverts will always be relevant.

Based on your target keyword, figure out which landing page you want to send your users to. Is this page appropriately optimised for SEO? Is it instantly recognisable as relevant to the search term? Do you have informative and useful content in place?

Construct your ad copy appropriately. Focus on your keywords and what you want your potential customers to know about your brand. Think about the relevant search terms and queries to ensure you’re crafting an advert that will catch the right eyes.


Getting a 10/10 quality score is always the end goal, and if the aforementioned tips haven’t quite got you there, then it’s a case of making sure that you’re constantly tweaking and bettering your ads and monitoring any improvement. Make the most of your ad callouts and sitelinks, ensure your display URL has the keyword embedded within it and run multiple ads in the same AdGroup with slight variations on the text to monitor the success.

Quality score is a metric often undervalued in the world of AdWords, but when you shift your focus to improving that score, you will see a positive return of investment for your budget.

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