Not All Call Centres Are Created Equal

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Most people dread having to contact a call centre. The perception is they’ll be put on hold, asked about passwords that they forgot years ago, transferred around, or simply put through to someone who has no idea how to solve their query.

But, the fact is, not all call centres are the same. Just like companies, there are good ones and bad ones. Here are 12 ways companies that really care about customer service tackle some of the common issues experienced by callers when phoning a help line or call centre.

1.       ‘When I request a call-back, they don’t!’

If all your representatives are busy, allow the caller to leave their details and call back as soon as it’s feasibly possible. There’s simply nothing more annoying that being put on hold interminably, or being told someone will call you back – when they don’t.

2. ‘I wish I knew when they’re going to call so I can give the call my full attention.’

Let customers know when you’re going to call, so they can be ready with any details required for the operator. Send a text or an email to let you know when the call is coming and what number the call is coming from, so they won’t have to risk answering an unknown number.

3.       ‘I don’t want to get cold calls.’

Likewise, many customers are reluctant to call customer care lines in case they are bombarded with sales calls afterwards. Be clear upfront on your website and other communications that this won’t be the case.

4.       ‘I’m afraid someone is going to try to sell me something.’

Call centre staff should be trained to deliver great customer service first and foremost. Hard-selling a service that doesn’t address the problem the caller is seeking to resolve could cost you a valued customer.

5.    ‘I don’t have the time to be on the phone for ages.’

Call centre protocols should be in place to make sure callers get through to someone with the expertise to answer their query. If that can’t be done straightaway, then someone should call back at a convenient time with the solution to your issue.

6.   ‘I don’t want to have to speak to someone who hates their job.’

Working in a call centre means staff must have the right temperament and aptitude for the job. Full training should be given to all recruits, so company representatives have everything they need to carry out their tasks to the best of their ability. The best call centres don’t overwork our staff, or set unrealistic targets, and always do what they can to promote a positive working environment.

7.   ‘No one has the expertise to answer my query.’

Callers need to know someone will be there with the expertise to answer their query without escalation, which emphasises the importance of properly trained call centre staff. Of course, some queries need to be handled by more senior staff, but this should be the exception, rather than a regular occurrence.

8.    ‘I don’t want to be held in a queue.’

Again, it’s important not to give staff unrealistic workloads. If there isn’t enough staff on hand to answer calls within a reasonable timeframe, get the caller to leave their details and a preferred time for a return call.

9.   ‘I don’t want to be charged a premium rate for customer service.’

No one likes paying to be on hold. If you’re serious about providing great customer service, then provide a Freephone number for customers.

10.   ‘Will I be transferred to an overseas call centre?’

Certainly, in the UK, customers prefer to talk to native English speakers in order to avoid any language or communication problems. Transferring callers to overseas call centres can result in communication breakdowns and confusion.

11.   ‘When I complain, the service never gets any better.’

Customers get fed up if they constantly encounter the same problem when contacting call centres. Use the feedback you get from customers to improve your service and monitor calls to see what you can be doing better.

12.   ‘Is my personal data secure?’

Following on from the last point, many customers also need to know that any information they divulge to call centre staff won’t be passed on to third parties. Put procedures in place to prevent this from happening and reassure customers on your website, and when they call, that this is company policy.

At Leads To You, we do everything we can to deliver great customer care through all call centres. When you get in touch, you’ll always talk to someone who professional, friendly and respectful. Our customer care agents are chosen for the creativity in solving problems, efficiency and focus on delivering the best care to our clients. And it gets results – the average call to our customer care line is resolved in just three minutes. It’s all because we understand when you deliver great customer service, you get great customers in return.

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