Looking to Accelerate Sales? Start By Thinking Fast.

Looking to Accelerate Sales? Start By Thinking Fast. Parallax Image

It makes sense that the fastest and most agile come first. That’s why, when it comes to leads speed is of the essence. In such a competitive marketplace, the early bird gets the worm. The faster you can convert a lead to a sale, the more installations you’ll secure, which, in turn, means greater revenues.

Which is why it’s so important, to act on a lead the minute you get it. Getting in touch with the customer before a competitor gives you a huge advantage.

Here are a few tips to help you to convert your leads:

Improve your response time

Firstly, make speed a priority for your business. Review your sales processes and how you follow up on leads. Look at every aspect of the sales journey to see what you can do to accelerate it and streamline it further. If you have an employee or sales team, educate them on the importance of being first to a new prospect and equip them with all the tools they need to be able to do that. Any delay gives your competitor the opportunity to get in first. Make sure your team has everything they need to follow up on a lead the minute it arrives.

Nimble technology

Of course, simply getting in touch first won’t automatically win you the business. You need to come prepared to respond effectively to client needs and requests. Anything that makes you and your sales team smarter, faster and more efficient will increase sales.

In particular, look at any bottlenecks in the sales process and how technology can speed up how quickly you respond and convert a sales prospect. Where possible, automate repetitive tasks and remove duplicate processes. Turn time spent on admin into time spent booking installations. Identify technology that can help you do this faster and more efficiently.

Build it and they will come

Look at the ways customers get in touch with you and examine each touchpoint for speed of response. Prioritise those that work best and fastest. Make it ridiculously easy for customers to get in touch with you.

Every lead is important, but not every lead will translate into a sale. If you’re short of staff and resources, put a system in place that prioritises the best leads. And if a prospective sales target contacts you out of hours, don’t wait to make contact. Drop what you’re doing and do it now – before they get in touch with a competitor or a competitor contacts them! Devise and implement strict response times for all touchpoints with your sales team.

Target for effect

Ask to speak to the person responsible for making the final decision and above all, make sure you have all the information at hand to book an appointment or provide a quotation there and then. Know your product inside out and demonstrate how your service and/or boiler product can best meet their needs - for the least cost.

Always keep learning

Once you have a system for bookings that works, it’s important that you don’t become complacent. Keep refining and looking at new ways of managing and converting your leads. If you have staff responsible for booking appointments, hold regular meetings to get feedback and update processes that can accelerate and maximise the value of every single lead.

That way, when an opportunity does arise, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your sales team is on it.

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