How To Generate High Converting Leads

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Generating sales leads is a crucial part of any successful business. However, being able to establish leads that present any chance of conversion or sales potential is not so easy. Here's a simple three-step strategy for achieving this effectively.

Finding the right channel

Qualification starts by selecting the right channels in which to generate the lead. Cold calling leads will have low conversion rates for a reason: the lead will typically want to end the conversation as soon as possible, and will therefore just say "yes" simply to achieve this. Alternatively, you may not even get chance to talk to them about your business as they will immediately want to hang up. This doesn't present you with any opportunities and only serves to waste everyone's time. 

Using channels such as Google search or social media platforms, however, will give you the exact opposite in results. The lead has taken the first step to researching your product or service and is therefore likely to be in the right mindset when you do eventually call them. The phone call aspect of the sales channel should come much later down the line.

Inbound marketing channels

At Leads To You, we only use inbound marketing channels. That is, we will present a customer with an advert and it is up to them to express enough interest to click and visit our website. We avoid incentivising customers to visit a website or complete a form though, as this will only generate leads that are interested in the item you're giving away (e.g. an Amazon voucher etc).

With inbound marketing, once the would-be customer has clicked on the advert through their own volition and has visited the website in question, the customer is then given the option to complete a form in order to receive further information or a quotation. Again, this acts as another level of qualification by ensuring the potential customer has enough interest in order to complete this process. While they are completing the form, we ask three or four additional questions to allow us to a) establish a "fit" with the product or service, and b) gauge their timescale and chance of conversion.

Qualifying through the telephone

Finally, we come to the telephone qualification call. By talking to the lead over the phone, we can then establish if they are truly interested in arranging an appointment/follow-up call/quote and give them more bespoke details. This call should never use hard sales tactics (by doing so would take you back to the techniques used by the cold callers, and will only result in the customer saying "yes" in order to end the call). We use this qualification call to establish the lead's intent, time-scale and requirements. They are welcome to cancel their enquiry at any point.

In a nutshell...

Ultimately, it's a simple three-stage process. Qualify customers through Google searches, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and social media - among other platforms in which the customer will arrive to you independently. You can attract them with an advertisement, but don't give incentives. You want them to be genuinely interested. Through a simple form, find out more about them and then follow up on this through a phone call. It couldn't get easier than that.

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