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Every business owner shares one common goal with their businesses, and that is quite simply, to succeed. The metrics and key performance indicators for what success means to you and your brand can vary extensively from business sector to business sector, be it likes and shares, units sold, number of clients or profit margin. One thing remains unanimous - and that is that any business owner wants their business to succeed.

One metric for success that spans all industries is to be seen as an industry leader, however, this can be an incredibly difficult task to manage. Here are our top tips for how to be an industry leader, no matter what your business may be or which industry you’re working in.

1. What Makes Your Brand?

In order to stand out from the crowd you need to set your brand apart, understand what it is that makes you different, or unique and communicate that to the world and to your customers. You don’t even necessarily need to be a completely unique product or service, you just need to have something that is unique about your brand. Your unique selling point could simply be that you do it better than anyone else, that your customer service is sublime or that you’re based in a specific area.

Figure out what it is that makes your brand, and work on communicating that message in every way you can. On social media, on your websites, in person, through email correspondence, and in every business decision you make.

Soon, your USP will be what your brand is known for, and consequently you will start to be seen as a leader within your industry.

2. No Idea is a Bad Idea

The very definition of a leader is that they lead - which means as a business, you should never follow. If you have any idea which works for your business, then it’s time to go for it. Innovation is the key to brand success.

If it makes sense, it fits your brand, will benefit your customers and could have a positive impact, you need to action it as quickly as is feasibly possible and beat your competitors to the punch.

Leading brands do just that, and if you take risks and work quickly and with agility, your industry leader reputation will be sealed in no time. Not only that, but if your idea works well your competitors will surely follow, making you an industry leader by default.

3. Fail Fast, Learn Fast

The saying goes ‘we only regret the chances we didn’t take’, and this couldn’t be more true within a business capacity. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or service, put a spin on your existing business or create a totally unique social media campaign, the best way to become an industry leader is to do it, fail fast and learn from it.

In order to evolve as a business in any industry, you need to be constantly growing and constantly learning. Staying stagnant won’t grow your business - and neither will not taking risks.

We mentioned earlier that innovation is the key to being an industry leader, and it’s important to note than innovation doesn’t always mean success, but rather bringing something new to the scene - and not being afraid to do so.

The quicker you move, the quicker you’ll fail, and the quicker you’ll learn. Not every idea you’ll have will work, but the lessons you’ll learn from each failure will be invaluable, and the quicker you can adapt, bounce back and turn the negatives into positive, the quicker your status as an industry leader will be cemented.

4. Be Loud & Proud

To be seen as a leader, you need not only lead in your actions, but in the way you talk to. The next step to becoming a leader within your industry is to know your industry inside out, and to be loud and proud about the fact that you do so.

Whether this is in a blog, on your social media channels, through your website or through any other communication with your customer base, it’s important that your knowledge of your industry shines through at all time.

Perhaps this is through a range of information provided through product descriptions on your website. Perhaps this is through a blog post commenting on a new technological development which directly impacts your industry. Perhaps this is a social media campaign tackling some of the issues your industry is facing.

Showing you know exactly what’s going on within your business sector, what the issues you may be facing are, what is impacting your customers and potential customers and how your business could bridge a gap, solve a problem or provide a much-needed service will start to have your audience and competitors understanding that you’re a leader.

5. Stay Humble

One of the most important things that industry leaders understand is that there is always space to learn more.

For an industry leader to be seen as such on a continual basis, you need to be evolving, learning and developing constantly as your industry does. Simply earning your leader status isn’t enough, but you need to keep proving that you deserve it time and time again.

When it comes to your USP, it must be the lifeblood of everything you do. It’s not enough to simply communicate it once, you must continue to do so for as long as your business is around. With new ideas, having one isn’t enough. Once you’ve executed your first idea and analysed its success, you need to move on to the next. Once you’ve failed fast, it’s time to get back in the saddle and fail again. And finally, shouting loud and proud once isn’t enough to keep you seen and heard.

Be consistent, stay humble and always strive to learn more. That is the sign of a true industry leader.

To become an industry leader is no small task, but it isn’t unachievable if you start to follow the above steps and truly believe it’s possible. Know your brand inside out, communicate your USP clearly in any and every way that you can, take risks, be bold, fail fast and talk big, and you’ll be paving the way for your business sector in no time at all. 

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