​Automation in sales: Technology Vs the Human Touch

​Automation in sales: Technology Vs the Human Touch Parallax Image

Technology has changed the way a lot of businesses work. With the right tools you can be more efficient and cost-effective than ever. There’s certainly a lot of be said for automating repetitive administration processes, but can the sales journey be ever completely automated? After all, technology can’t replace instinct.

Automate repetitive processes, spend more time with your customer

By splitting the sales journey down into defined stages and processes, we can identify ways in which we can use technology to remove a lot of the repetitive processes that can take up a lot of a sales person’s time - if they’re performed manually. This then results in the sales person having more time to focus on building a relationship with the customer and closing individual sales.

The typical sales journey starts with lead generation and ends with collection of the payment from the customer. Along the way there are a lot of time-consuming and administrative processes that the latest technology can automate, freeing up time and streamlining the entire journey. It’s all about removing or automating processes which are non-productive, or non-profitable, yet essential to successfully completing the sales journey.

The tools to sell

Online portal

One way that Leads To You use technology to provide insights for our sales team and clients is through our online portal.  We offer our clients their own log in to our online portal which provides a detailed summary of leads, updated in real-time. While this is immensely useful for our clients, ultimately, a real person will be responsible for reviewing the results and deciding which are worth following up on and which are prioritise.

Auto lead referral

Another way that technology helps us to deliver better leads to clients is through our automatic lead referral system. This recognises when a lead is qualified and then automatically refers it out to our client for action, based on our algorithm.

Customer loyalty

There are endless ways to introduce technology and automation within multiple industries. For long term customers, there’s clearly benefits in using technology to automate re-orders. Technology can also be used to provide email follow up to encourage repeat business, collect feedback and incentivise customers by providing discounts for future orders. Again, however, there needs to be human contact in order to build the relationship and provide real customer support.

Website tracking

Your website is one of the most important sales tools you have. By incorporating the right analytical tools, you can learn a lot about your customers’ buying behaviours. This is information that can be used to mould your online presence to maximise sales potential, as well as fine-tune sales strategy by engaging customers with the right tools at the right time.

The future is the best of both worlds

Of course, it’s the latest AI (Artificial Intelligence) apps that are making the biggest impact in the sales industry at the moment. AI is great for taking the drudgery out of analysing masses of data for relevant trends and insights you might otherwise miss.

Likewise, automated chatbots are becoming commonplace for engaging customers and driving them further along the sales journey. What’s more, machine learning means the technology is getting smarter all the time, becoming more effective and more able to handle a growing range of customer queries. Indeed, chatbots have become so ‘real’, it can be difficult to know whether you’re talking to a machine or a real person.

Clearly, there’s a lot technology can do, but, in the end, sales is all about people and making that emotional connection with customers. Nothing will ever replace a great salesperson when it comes to closing a deal and building a tangible relationship.

At Leads To You, our focus is always on our clients. So while we do look at ways to use technology for efficiencies throughout the sales journey, we understand that it’s the personal touch that gets the best results, when it comes to building good business relationships. Which is why we make sure every client has their own dedicated account manager with relevant expertise in that sector. As a result, we can gain an in-depth knowledge of clients’ needs in order to deliver better leads.

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