7 Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2019

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When it comes to digital marketing, the landscape of trends in the industry is ever-evolving, and your business risks being left behind if you don’t keep up with the new and innovative ways of reaching your audience and customer base.

Trends within the digital marketing industry are popular for a reason - they’re bringing brands great conversions with their audiences, which is why it’s important to pay attention to what’s hot and what’s not as the new year rolls in.

Here’s a list of 7 digital marketing trends you can expect to see this year. Some of these trends will be familiar because they’ve been developing over the past couple of years, but take note as they come into full swing for 2019.

Live Video

We’ve seen the emergence of live video really taking its toll throughout 2018, with things like Instagram Live and broadcasting live on Facebook. In 2019 live video is going to get even bigger and even better - and you should get on board!

It’s important that live video is treated as a totally separate entity to video content, because the entire concept of live video, how users engage with live video and how live video is executed are all completely different to more traditional video content.

There are a number of different channels which support Live video, from Twitch to Instagram Live, Facebook or Periscope. An added bonus with Instagram live is that it will deliver a push notification for everyone who follows you, which puts your brand in front of your audience without needing any budget.

Consider a Q&A for your live content, engaging your audience and inviting them to interact, or perhaps a behind the scenes tour or a live stream of an event you’re running.

VR Elements

Virtual Reality or VR became a bit of a buzzword in 2018, but you can certainly expect to see more of it in 2019.

VR is all about immersion, which is why it’s such an interesting concept for digital marketing this year. It brings an intensity and a personalisation with your audience which is far more intense and direct than some traditional marketing methods. It’s predicted that by 2022 the VR industry would have hit over $33 billion - so expect to see a lot more of it this year.

Voice Search

With exciting and innovative devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home flying off the shelves throughout 2018, expect to see voice search taking an upwards curve in 2019.

Voice recognition technology is improving all the time, so developing your digital marketing efforts to accommodate voice search could be very fruitful indeed for your brand this year.

It’s important to note, to accommodate voice search with your digital marketing strategy, be mindful of local SEO, ensure your SEO strategy accommodates more conversational search queries and also that your local SEO is on point so that you can capture any local voice search queries.


Artificial Intelligence has grown into an enormous trend throughout the past few years, with technology developing to be intuitive to your customers needs, creating a double benefit for both customers and brands.

AI can analyse consumer behaviour and trends and provide invaluable insights for business owners. One way AI has developed is the increase in chatbots.

Chatbots allow you to give exceptional customer service to your audience without human resource and are currently used regularly on Facebook. Expect to see more of this in 2019!

Influencer Marketing

It’s no secret to see influencer marketing sneaking into the list of 7 digital marketing trends for 2019. Influencers have been dominating digital marketing for the past few years, and their reign isn’t set to slow down any time soon.

Influencers have an invaluable connection with their audiences, which is why getting them on board could be extremely beneficial for your brand. There are influencers for almost every different genre or industry, which means you’ll be able to find someone who can connect with potential customers in your niche.

Mobile First Design

It’s no secret that mobile search is rising at dramatic speeds, and realistically, most brands should have had a solid mobile digital marketing strategy long before 2019, however, what’s emerging this year is rather than having a mobile website in addition to your desktop website, and considering your mobile offering as an aside - the switch is to put mobile first and foremost to dominate.

Whenever you’re making a plan for your website design, your content or your social strategy, think with mobile first, and plan for desktop later. This plays into image sizes, length of content and video too!

More Social Video

2019 is the year to stop avoiding video content. It’s been growing and growing and now the results are obvious - you need to start creating video to embrace the digital marketing landscape of 2019.

Whether you’re creating video content for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or your website, this is the year to experiment with it. You don’t need to create flashy and high-budget content to resonate with your audience, just make sure to add subtitles so that users can watch on their mobiles without turning the sound up.

The digital landscape is ever-changing, and we have no doubt when it gets to the end of the year and we look back and reflect there will be an abundance of new trends emerging to start 2020. However, if you keep these 7 tips in mind for this year, you’ll be on to a great start when it comes to acquiring new customers and building your brand. 

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