The secret to success: Keeping your team motivated

The secret to success: Keeping your team motivated Parallax Image

Kathryn Minshew once said that a company is only as good as its people, and to paraphrase, she means that the success of any company is fundamentally down to its employees.

To run a business you need a team of people beneath you who firstly know what they’re doing, but secondly, care what they’re doing - and this is the part that’s vital to get right in order to see your business go from strength to strength.

Motivated employees will always work the hardest, and keeping the motivation up within your team can be one of the most difficult tasks for any business owner.

Here’s 6 ways to keep your team motivated and, as a result, enjoy greater success for your business.

1. Feedback is key

Providing your team with ample feedback opportunities is an imperative way to keep them motivated. Scheduling regular feedback sessions not only lets your employees know that their opinions are valid and appreciated, but also gives them an opportunity to get their voices heard in a professional and appropriate setting. Feedback sessions also let you, as an employer, provide feedback in a structured setting, monitoring performance in a close capacity. A team member that feels important and listened to is a team member that will work hard, stay motivated and prove imperative to the success of the business.

2. Progression is Everything

In any successful business, a good level of transparency is key, and it’s normal for staff to want to know their path of progression within a company. In order to keep your team satisfied, each member should understand their progression path within your business, knowing what they need to achieve to progress. Progression should be monitored, with key objectives and targets set to keep each team member on the path to motivation. If every member of your team knows their role and what they need to achieve to progress within the company, they’ll know how hard they need to work and what they need to do to succeed. Similarly, if you have an employee who doesn’t want to progress to a role with more responsibility but still requires motivation, you can put other measures in place to assure they are valued and raring to go, without necessarily hunting down that next rung on the career ladder.

3. Happy Atmosphere = Happy Employees

While you can always pay your employees an incredible salary, it’s the working atmosphere that you create which is what differentiates a good job from a great job. Of course, some individuals place more importance on financial gain, but one thing is unanimous amongst all staff - it’s better to have a happy atmosphere to keep the team motivated. Team building days can be an excellent way to foster a positive culture within the work place, strengthening relationships and creating a fantastic atmosphere for all. Leads to You runs regular team building days and social events to focus on team bonding outside of office hours, while our ‘Pizza Fridays’ has certainly proved key to creating a happy work environment for our team and adds a little light to busy weeks, encouraging the team to work hard to reap the rewards on Friday.

4. Show Gratitude

You can’t expect your team to be consistently motivated unless they feel their efforts are appreciated, which is why showing gratitude is a surefire way of keeping your staff happy and ready to work. Happy staff work the hardest, and when you have a team working full time specifically for the success of your business, simply saying thank you, commending good work and celebrating successes can go a long way. When someone goes above and beyond, praise them appropriately, and if you see someone working hard always recognise it. This behaviour should be celebrated, appreciated and encouraged, creating a motivated atmosphere that will always rub off on the wider team.

Here at Leads to You, we run a monthly awards scheme which recognises employees for hard work and going above and beyond. It’s our way of saying thanks, drawing light to exceptional practice and also showing how appreciated the team are.

5. Incentivise

Sadly, you can’t run a business on good vibes alone, and eventually your team will get tired of a simple ‘well done’ without any incentive to push further. Incentivising your team ignites a healthy competitive edge amongst team members, encourages them to be motivated and put in good work, while simultaneously recognising and rewarding exceptional behaviour.

Incentives don’t need to have a monetary value attached to be effective. Consider things like offering the best parking space to employee of the month, prizes for the team that hits target first, letting someone who’s gone above and beyond finish an hour early. There are an endless stream of incentives which can give your staff a little boost - and it really is true that a little goes a long way.

6. Treat Your Team Like Adults

One of the best ways to ensure a productive and happy team is to quite simply, treat them like adults. In a place of work with strict rules and regulations, clock in and clock out time and toilet breaks which are frowned upon, it can be nigh on impossible to flourish - and more important - to enjoy work.

Understanding that everyone works in different ways is vital to running a successful business, and letting your team work in a way which suits them best is always going to result in a motivated employee who produces the best work.

While of course your business needs to come first and you need to ensure you’re covering all bases, offering things like remote working and flexible working hours like we do here at Leads to You can create an exceptional environment for employees, allowing them to fit their jobs into their lifestyles, work in a way which suits them best and consequently, get much more enjoyment from their roles. This all results in a motivated team, which is the aim of the game for great success.

7. Instil Values

A great way to keep your team motivated is to identify the core values your company adheres to - and to instill them. Perhaps you value a driven workforce, or an open body of staff who can communicate anything they need to. Maybe putting the customer first is one of your values, or being bold enough to stand out from the crowd. Whatever they may be - define them, embody them, instil them and preach them to your team.

A team who understand their role within the company, feel passionate about its values and how they can contribute to each value will be infinitely more motivated than one who doesn’t live and breathe the company identity.

Incorporating these 6 tips can be a simple task without setting you back a penny, but the changes you’ll see within your team will be truly priceless. A motivated team is a happy team, and a happy team will work hard, which is what all businesses want from their employees.

Make these changes today and your business will thank you. Not only that - but your team will too!

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