5 Ways to Maximise Conversion Rates from Lead to Sale

5 Ways to Maximise Conversion Rates from Lead to Sale Parallax Image

Getting a good lead is only part of the sales process, and converting that lead is another trick entirely. But lead conversion is a vital part of any business, and there are tips you can use to increase your conversion rates:

1) Get feedback

The most successful sales people are constantly looking for new ways to improve their services, and customer feedback is essential for this.

Positive feedback is great for morale, gives the team a boost and helps you to focus on successful behaviours. Positive feedback can also be used as a testimonial on your website or social media.

Negative feedback might not be pleasant to hear, but it can be used to drive improvements and proactively address customer issues. Doing this successfully can turn a detractor into someone who will promote your company to their peers.

2) Try to call at different times of the day

Customers are often at work during the day and may be unavailable to take your call. Successful sales people attempt to contact their leads at different times in the morning, afternoon and evening in order to maximise their contact rate.

3) Follow-up

Texts and emails can also be a valuable tool to help drive contact rates. They are a good tool for follow up, and can help keep you uppermost in your potential customer’s mind.

If you can’t reach your customer, it is also a good idea to follow up with a text or email to let them know who has called and that you will attempt to get in touch again.

4) Be proactive, without being a nuisance

It is important to call the customer as soon as the lead is received so there’s no chance for the lead to cool off. And you should keep calling daily until contact has been made. However, being too persistent can lead to customers ignoring future attempts to contact them. As a guideline, do not try to call a customer more than three times in any 24-hour period.

5) Continual improvement

Successful sales people understand the need for continual improvement and they are willing to try new techniques to see what works for them. For example, boiler sales are seasonal and may be harder in summer, so successful installers will find new ways of making the sale look appealing.

Good selling technique is based on a number of factors and should be specific to the person you are selling to. The best sales people build relationships, listen, empathise and relate to their customers.

Good sales people are also prepared. The most important factor is up to date knowledge of the industry and what competitors are offering across the board. Successful sales people do their research and reap the benefits as a result.

Follow these tips and your conversion rate should easily rise.

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