5 Reasons to Call First

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  1. You are in competition with other installers

    When purchasing leads you’ll often be in competition with up to two other companies, both of whom will receive the lead at the same time as you. Conventional wisdom says that being the last to quote will increase your chances of a sale, however, don’t forget how urgent a boiler sale can be. If they have no heating and hot water and have just been presented with an appealing offer, many customers will go ahead and purchase. Always remember that the most proactive sales teams get the most sales!

  2. The customer is expecting your call

    With Leadstoyou, customers are given the name of your company as part of the telephone qualification process. They will also receive an email and a text message with your contact details so they will be expecting your call. We prime the customers to be ready for your call, sending you only only the hottest of leads. The longer you wait, the cooler the lead; resulting in the initial build up of trust to dilute.

  3. The first 15 minutes are crucial

    The 15 minutes following the referral are the best time to call the customer as their enquiry will only be a few minutes old. Your competitors may have call centres with KPIs in place to call the customers within a certain timeframe following receipt, others may send a text message or email as soon as the lead has been received. These first 15 minutes are crucial for optimising your conversion rates.

  4. The first installer to call has the edge

    People often use comparison sites because they are time-poor. Being the first to call gives you the best chance to secure the most convenient appointment.

  5. Don’t wait too long to survey

    Some installers will purposefully try to book an appointment after their competitors have quoted, but this strategy can be risky. As mentioned in point 1, if there is an urgent requirement for your product or service then you run the risk of your competitors securing the sale before you’ve even walked through the door.

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